Vote to Keep Our Planet Healthier

Advocate for climate action at the polls

Want to make your thoughts about climate change heard? Show up at the polls. At Climate Action Montana, we believe that supporting candidates who want to take action to reverse climate change can help make a difference for our planet. Voting in person or by mail-in ballot is a great way for individuals to take action.

Make your plan to vote for candidates who support climate action today. If you plan on voting by mail-in ballot, don't forget to request and mail your ballot on time.

Close your eyes and picture your favorite parts of Montana. You probably see small and large communities nestled among the beautiful mountains, streams, wildflowers, hayfields, forests and fields of golden grains. At Climate Action Montana, we're all too aware that this natural beauty is in danger of being destroyed by a warming climate. Our Montana organization builds awareness and advocates for policies that will work to reverse climate change. We hope to get Montana citizens involved in making our planet a better, healthier place.

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act is an investment in the future of Montana.

This is the largest, most ambitious, climate legislation Congress has ever passed and signed into law. To help preserve our economy, society and environment the bill includes:

  • Reducing methane emissions which is the fastest way to slow the rate of global warming in the short term.
  • Clean energy tax credits to ramp up solar and wind power. This could save households $500 a year in energy costs.
  • Tax incentives to help jumpstart adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Funds to assist citizens of Montana communities that have long borne the brunt of environmental pollution.
  • Payments and credits to the greatly impacted Montana farmers and ranchers to help them cut emissions, sequester carbon, and adapt food production to the climate impacts that are occurring now and ones we can't avoid in the future.
  • Funds to make waterways more resilient to flooding.
  • Also included are amendments to the Clean Air Act which will reinforce the Environmental Protection Agency's responsibility to address climate pollution by giving the agency new tools and funding to protect Montana communities

The next Congress will create the rules and regulations of the Inflation Reduction Act that can substantially impact the fight to preserve our Montana way of life. PLEASE vote with this in mind. Future generations will thank you.

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Matt Rosendale (R)
Penny Ronning (D)
Gary Buchanan (I)
Sam Rankin (L)

Ryan Zinke (R)
Monica Tranel (D)
John Lamb (L)