Climate Change Is a Personal Issue

Disregard for our planet could drastically impact your future

Are you aware of all the ways climate change could impact your day-to-day life? Climate Action Montana is dedicated to educating Montana residents about this very issue. While global warming might seem like a big-picture problem, its repercussions can be very personal.

Check out a list of the impacts of climate change below.

The consequences of abusing our planet

The consequences of abusing our planet

If we continue to ignore global warming, a lot could go wrong. Climate change can cause issues with:

  • The environment: We could experience shorter ski seasons, low stream flows, droughts, fires and rising temperatures
  • The economy: If our beautiful scenery is destroyed because of environmental issues, fewer tourists will want to visit
  • Your personal health: Pollutants and smoke from increased fires can harm your lungs

It's crucial to take climate change seriously, or else these issues could get even more out of control. Contact us now to learn more about the impacts of global warming.